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  • Closed-Cell Foam Insulation


  • Demilec Heatlok® XT

    Achieving a sustainable & cost effective building envelope

    Heatlok XT — our high-performing, versatile spray foam insulation for commercial and residential construction creates a specialized engineered building envelope, which provides better thermal resistance, an excellent air barrier, and a recognized vapor retarder.

  • Demilec Barnseal®

    Specific Agricultural Formulas for Specific Needs

    Barnseal® polyurethane spray foam insulation is for use in agricultural applications. Two variations - high-density and medium-density - are available depending on your specific needs. 

    Both formulas provide an air-tight seal, improved temperature control in barns and other ag-related structures, and can be applied quickly.

    Barnseal MD (medium-density) is most commonly used for fruit and vegetable storage facilities, barns, stables, horse-riding arenas, dairies, and other buildings where a high R-value is necessary.

    Barnseal HD (high-density) is most commonly used in poultry houses, as it is a more durable substance that is not damaged by chickens and turkeys pecking at the foam.

    • Enhances ventilation control
    • Reduces energy consumption
    • Minimizes potential for mold and mildew growth
    • Increases production from livestock
    • Non-biocide darkling beetle control

  • Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

  • Demilec Sealection® 500

    Cuts Energy Costs by 50%*

    Sealection® 500 has been Demilec’s flagship product for more than 20 years. This industry leading formula of open cell spray foam insulation expands 120 times its liquid volume to insulate and seal all cracks, gaps, and joints with a single application, and is easy to install and finish. It has now been tested and certified for use in unvented attics without a prescribed ignition barrier. For more information, consult CCRR-1063 on the Demilec website.

    • Ignition barrier free for unvented attics
    • Maintains performance throughout time and temperature
    • Allows the use of smaller HVAC systems
    • Minimizes outside noise
    • Reduces dust and allergens

  • Interior Sound Insulation

    A blasting stereo; a roaring plane engine; your neighbor’s conversation. Can you hear it? Not with SEALECTION® 500 spray foam insulation. Insulate, air seal and control sound all with a single application. Installing SEALECTION® 500 is an effective way to reduce noise as you seal in comfort. A design that sounds as good as it looks: now that’s music to your ears.

    Millions of semi-rigid open cells in SEALECTION® 500 help absorb sound waves at varying frequencies. Using SEALECTION® 500 makes it possible to design and build cost effective assemblies with a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 50 or more. Homes and buildings insulated with SEALECTION® 500 spray foam enjoy the benefits of great sound control.

    *Source: Demilec analysis report of a side-by-side comparison of two identical homes built by Habitat for Humanity; one installed with traditional fiberglass insulation by an anonymous donor, and one installed with Demilec SEALECTION® 500 spray foam insulation donated to Habitat for Humanity.